Motionless In White Features Dani Filth On New Song







Chris Motionless recently did an interview with a magazine about their new album coming out “Reincarnate”  out September 16th via Fearless Records.

We’ll be interview Motionless In White July 22nd and this will be something else we ask about!

Their new song which also continues their song series puppets, with a track called “Puppets 3″ featuring Dani Filth vocalist of Cradle Of Filth, we also know there are a few other rumored guest vocalists on the album.

We’re pretty stoked for this if we do say ourselves!

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Beartooth – Disgusting

DisgustingTrack list:
1. The Lines
2. Beaten in Lips
3. Body Bag
4. In Between
5. Relapsing
6. Ignorance Is Bliss
7. I Have a Problem
8. One More
9. Me in My Own Head
10. Keep Your American Dream
11. Dead
12. Sick and Disgusting

Genre: Hardcore: For fans of: The Color Morale, My Ticket Home, and The Plot In You

Beartooth is a band that blew up in the scene fairly quickly, mostly due to the vocalist, Caleb Shomo, formerly of Attack! Attack! One of Rise Records biggest names in their day. With their debut album ‘Disgusting’ they bring something new to the scene, something that I believe could be a game-changer. While Caleb Shomo has his bandmates touring with him, Caleb himself writes and records all of Beartooth’s material, which is something rather interesting to keep in mind as you listen to this killer debut album from Beartooth.

A few songs that stand out on on this album would have to be, “Beaten in Lips,” “In Between,” “Relapsing,” “One More,” “Me in My Own Head,” and “Sick and Disgusting”

“Beaten in Lips” is the second released in promotion of this record, following “Dead” and is definitely a song that captured my attention and harnessed my excitement for this record. This song is an anthem for the abused. This song is pure emotion and I find anyone can take aspects of this song and relate to it, it’s a strong and emotionally powerful song that, I believe, has the force to get anyone throwing down at a live show.

“In Between” is a hell of a song, easily being the softest song on the record. Though this song doesn’t pack the punch that some of the other songs within this record do, it’s still just as powerful. Being a hardcore band, choruses are either win or lose with me. Either the band nails it, or it’s a flop, and Beartooth nails it. This song is glued together by its chorus. It’s one of those choruses that you just feel, if you catch my drift. There is no real way to describe it, it’s just a feel-good song for the record, even if the lyrics don’t full portray that, the chorus still manages to get me singing and smiling through the whole song.

“Relapsing” is easily my favorite song on the record, for so many reasons. You know how I said “In Between” just had a chorus that you could just feel? Well, “Relapsing” is a song you can feel in its entirety.  The whole song is just a fast-paced, mosh-worthy song. Alongside that, the lyrics have incredible meaning, I mean it, really sit down and listen to the lyrics, I believe anyone can relate to most of them, so long as they can do it without standing up and moshing their hearts out.

“One More,” this track is a track that I honestly can’t explain. What’s not to love about it? The lyrics are great, the rhythm is awesome, the emotion, it’s all there. This song doesn’t hit hard, but it’s a nice cool-down song right in the middle of the record, right before it’s picks back up again and gets you on your feet.

“Me in My Own Mind.” Wow. What a track, to say that most anyone, and I mean anyone, can relate to is an understatement. We are all our worst critics, our own minds are often our demise, and this song portrays that perfectly, this is a truly powerful song and it is very dear to me and definitely gets me thinking and off my feet ready for more.

“Sick and Disgusting.” This track is one that no amount of words could portray the emotion you hear in this song. Crying, screaming, begging, and pleading for things to get better, to heal his mind. You feel true emotion and brokenness in this song, in a way that we have never heard before. I would not feel right to try and explain what and how Caleb felt writing and recording this song, that is his story, but it is truly a powerful song that needed to be mentioned. It is a fantastic closing track that brings the listener to a whole new level of connection with the artist.


Cleans: Caleb isn’t, by any means, the best vocalist around, but, he definitely has a memorable voice. His voice has a subtle rasp about it, and while sometimes some of the things Caleb does with his clean vocals is unconventional, he executes it perfectly and does not disappoint for this record.

Screams: Caleb impressed me with his screams on this record. His screams are pretty unique, very raspy and very yell-scream based, but bring a really powerful punch to the mix. Caleb’s unique screaming technique also portrays his emotion, but maybe the screams are so unique because they’re purely emotion-fueled.

Instrumentals: As far as the hardcore genre goes, the instrumentals are awesome. Caleb, having written the instrumentals himself, impressed me. He time and time again shows what a talented man he is. The drums are really punchy and sit in the mix nicely, and they aren’t too flashy.

Rating: 9/10

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Upon A Burning Body Stream New Song “Red Razor Wrists”






Upon A Burning Body stream new song “Red Razor Wrists”

Listen to the song below:


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5 Bands You Loved But Have Probably Forgotten.

So here’s a list of five bands you were probably in love years ago, but now you’ve moved on and started loving other bands.

We will always remember these bands/ground/artists in the industry.


Metro Station.

I mean come on this was every white girls dream-boy band before One Direction or Justin Bieber. Pretty sure raves still play their hit “Shake It” as it has rather dancey vibes to it.

Seriously, how could you forget these guys?

#2 The Veronicas

Now these fine young ladies didn’t have as much impact on fans as the others did, but how can we forget their hit song “Untouched”? We can’t forget because every goth-emo-scene kid fell in love with song – for a time that is as their fame in the light didn’t last long because this song was easily forgotten in maybe 5 months once it was released.

#3 3OH!3

Well you haven’t seen the last of these two gentlemen as they’re still riding their success to festivals and tours recently seen on Vans Warped Tour and soon to be seen at Riot Fest. they may have 5 million facebook likes – but we all know half of them are fake profiles from crazy stalker girlfriends who want make their account look as legit as possible to spy. These gentlemen were also on warped a few years ago (i think?)

Enjoy their hit song “Don’t Trust Me” as you used too.

#4  The All American Rejects.

Well The  All American Rejects were surely a band that brought VH1 a lot of money due to airing their music video “Dirty Little Secret” a few times  a day and having their song on most females myspace pages. C’mon that catchy tune was surely something back in it’s day. Their biggest song as i remember was “It Ends Tonight” and one of my personal favorites if you ask me due to the fact that it was a rather emotional based song with some of the best-written lyrics at the time.

Big props fellas

Enjoy the music video to “It Ends All Tonight”

#5  Fountain Of Wayne.

Remember these guys – probably not as they only rarely made a debut song and a song that went father than local radio stations and the song that did was called “Stacy’s Mom” surely you remember that song because once it came out you looked for a girl named stacy to date so you can get closer to her mom – It never worked out like they sang about, sorry kiddo.

Enjoy the track once more.

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The Color Morale Set To Release New Song “Outer Demons”







The Color Morale is set to release their brand new song “Outer Demons” on the 23rd and their new album sometime this summer the album has a rumored release of August 25th, and the band is currently taking pre-orders for the album early on Vans Warped Tour.

Here’s the artwork for “Outer Demons”











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Crown The Empire Premieres New Song “Initiation”







Crown The Empire premieres new song “Initiation”

Check it out below:


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Motionless In White Vans Warped Tour Set





Vans Warped Tour did a webcast today and we thought we’d make a playlist of all the bands who played.

This is their set from first to last.

Check it out below:

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Volumes Premieres New Song “Erased”










Volumes premieres new song “Erased”

Listen to the song below:

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Judas Priest Streams New Song “Dragonaut”






Judas Priest stream new song “Dragonaut”

Listen to the song below:

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Vans Warped Tour Does A Webcast For Home Viewers

Vans Warped Tour is a big tour for the summer, and a lot of people don’t go, but a lot do.

Vans Warped Tour thought it’d be a great idea to do a webcast of the tour this year and well we certainly agree!

Watch it the webcast:

We hope to see you on Vans Warped Tour!! :D


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