Sylar Streams New Album “To Whom It May Concern”










Sylar stream new album “To Whom It May Concern”

Listen to the album entirely below:

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Nightmares Stream New Song “Cujo”








Nightmares stream new song “Cujo”

Listen to the song below:


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Phil Lepistö Does Track-By-Track For Dreaming Awake’s New EP “Circumstances”









“Circumstances” artwork:










Oathkeeper- Oathkeeper was written out of our Screamer Vaughn and Bassist/Singer Blake’s love of Kingdom Hearts. They’re both die hard fans of the franchise and lyrically wrote a love song about Kingdom Hearts and the struggle against the heartless!

The Road- This song was written about Blake moving all over the country when he was younger and then finally landing here in the desert of Arizona. “All my life I’ve been led by your hand, the road has taken me, to the desert sand”. It’s a really high energy track with a lot of bouncy guitar work and is probably the most fun for us to play because of that!

Game Over- This is the Circumstances’ messy break up song. It’s essentially a big FUCK YOU to that shitty relationship you were lucky enough to escape. I’d say in general, this is the most Metal song off of Circumstances because we took a more progressive approach to writing the guitar, bass, drums and vocal patterns but especially the guitars!

Firestarter- This song is about Vaughn’s dad. If you take a look at the lyrics, they’ll speak for themselves because there was a ton of emotion poured into them! These were the lyrics he had been feeling for his whole life and a way of burying the hatchet with his anger towards the situation. Firestarter is also unique because of it’s dance beat’s. Guitar and bass wise, it’s not a very complicated song but our producer really let the EDM aspect of our music get crazy on this track. It’s that song where you can just cut loose and rage!

Bulletproof Vibe- Bulletproof Vibe was the first song we wrote for Circumstances. It’s a song about not letting negativity and negative people kill your vibe and then being a bigger person about it. We also had our friend, Mike Luciano of The Paramedic do guest vocals in the second chorus and he definitely killed it! It was an awesome opportunity for us to be able to work with him!

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Of Reverie Talks About New Single “Parallels”








“Parallels” artwork:









This song was a rare case where the song was actually titled before writing lyrics. Scott generally gives nicknames to songs while writing which are just place holders until lyrics are written. For this track, however, we decided to stick with it’s codename, obviously being Parallels, because we liked the idea of it being a more “sci-fi” themed song, if you will. We tried to incorporate metaphors relating to someone who’s been taken from the life they know and trapped in another universe and forced into a world they know nothing about. From there we basically leave it up to interpretation. The lyrics to Parallels can relate to just about any major upheaval in life. Starting with a clean slate and beginning a new chapter in life is something a lot of people struggle with, whether it be a positive or a negative change, it’s tough to get through leaving everything you know behind. At the end of the day you have to stand up to it and do what makes you happy.

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The Amity Affliction Premiere New Music Video “Pittsburgh”









The Amity Affliction premiere new music video “Pittsburgh”

Watch the killer video below:

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Eric Seevers – Social 66










I had some time to catch up with Eric Seevers from Social 66 about a few things.

Read it below.

Let me get some background on the band first. How did Social 66 start? How did you all meet one another?

Eric: Social had a little bit of history before all of us came together. I (Eric) met Seven in Columbus OH and he had mentioned about starting a new band with Jason and gave me some music to listen to. After listening to the tunes joe and I joined up with them in June of 2013

2So you guys are currently on tour correct? How has that been so far?

Eric: It’s been great! Our first show was at the machine shop in flint MI and it was sold out packed. Great response. Every night so far has been nothing short of awesome.

Also, you’re about to release a new album can you tell us a bit about that?

Eric: It’s the most solid thing I’ve ever been a part of. It came together so fast. We had been talking about it right up until we signed with pavement and then it was crunch time to bang it out. We put in a lot of time and our producer Cole Martinez put in a lot of hours to make sure we got it done quick and sounding sick.

What was the writing / recording process like for the album?

Eric: It was smooth and off the cuff. We had some tunes and riff ideas swimming around and by the time we got there it just flowed out of us and came together great.

You’ve had some time with the album, can you tell us which two songs are your favorite on the album and why? And which song do you think the fans will enjoy the most on the album?

Eric: My personal favorites are “Sorry” and “Until We Fade.” Sorry has a killer opening riff and the chorus vox hooks hard and it’s a fun song to play.
Until we fade has a smooth poppy feel and I think everyone can relate to the lyrics of it.

Is there anything on the album you wish you could have done differently on the album?

Eric: I’m a really picky perfectionist person when it comes to recording and sometimes I can overthink something so I learned to let go a little bit more on this and trust our producer. I feel he did a great job and I couldn’t be happier

Off the topic of the album, what are some bands you guys are listening to on the road?

Eric: I listen to a huge variety of music it always depends on the mood I’m in but after jamming with these guys in soil and tantric for the past few days we’ve been spinning them in the van and listening to them live and they bring it every night.

What would the dream tour be for Social 66.

Eric: It depends on who you would ask in the band but since I’m answering I’ll say: all the major summer festivals like rock on the range, Carolina rebellion, rocklahoma, etc. then we would get to tour with a ton of great bands, great people and see great shows every night.

So on the subject of album piracy real quick, what is your personal opinion on it? Which side do you take on it?

Eric: It’s a double edge sword. I want people to listen to my music and I appreciate people liking it enough to want to own it and listen to it over again. People just need to consider that it takes a lot of resources to create music and if people would see it as donating a few bucks to help out their fav artist go a little farther. It’s win win for everyone. The artist gets to keep making music and the fan gets to keep listening

So, last question, thanks a lot for taking time to answer these questions for us. What do you think makes Social 66 stand out? What makes you fellas different?

Eric: Other than having a fresh new twist on good old rock n roll were just like everyone else. You can sing along, bang your head or dance to the music. We are fans of music and performers of music. I feel like we can relate to a lot of people with the music and the lyrics.

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Heartist Stream New Song “Pressure Point”







Heartist Streams New Song “Pressure Point”

Listen to the song below or on Kerrang:

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Chris Hardison – Adestria









I had the time to talk to Chris Hardison from Adestria about a few things.

Check it out below:

Let’s begin with simple stuff, how did Adestria form? How did you all meet?

Chris: Most of us met in college. We started jamming in a friend’s garage and playing shows around town. We gained a good local following from that and then started hitting the road and touring as much as possible.

So you guys are on both Razor And Tie / Artery Recordings. What is that like? And how did they come into play?

Chris: It’s great, they give us the creative freedom to make music that we love and Razor & Tie helps us distribute that music all over the world. They noticed how well we were doing in our home market and took a chance on us.

So you guys have a new album coming out the 29th, correct? What can you tell us about it?

Chris: Our second album is titled Gilded Hearts. We tried to expand our sound on this album with more guitar driven tracks and aggressive vocals without straying too far from our earlier material. One of the main goals with this album was to write songs that would make for a fun and memorable live performance. What was the writing / recording process like for the album?

Chris: We recorded with Nick Sampson again out in Detroit. Love working with him and I think he really captures the best performance out of us. We went into the studio with a good amount of the pre-production work done so that gave us more time to really explore and get creative with the new songs. Extremely proud of the finished product and can’t wait to release it. So I’m sure you guys have had sometime to listen to the album? Which two songs would be your favorite on the album, and why? And which song do you think fans will enjoy the most and why?

Chris: It would be really hard for us to pick a favorite at this point, because that doesn’t come from just listening. So much focus goes into our live show that it would be unfair to pick any without playing them. As for the fans, I think people will really respond well to the lyrics in shared scars, and I’m hoping people like the heaviness contrasted with the chorus in Propheteering.

Are there any guest vocals on the album? If not who would you want to see on a Adestria song eventually?

Chris: Matt did all of the vocals for this album. Unfortunately Freddie Mercury declined our request to do a guest spot

Off the topic of the album, what else can we expect from Adestria this year?

Chris : We’re heading out on a U.S. tour April 18th to May 20th with Upon This Dawning, The Browning, Phinehas, and Dayseeker and we have European tour this summer that we’ll be announcing soon
So talking about a personal question, what do you feel as an artist about album piracy? Has it hurt you guys or helped you a bit?

Chris : We would rather somebody get our music illegally than not have it at all. That being said, the people who actually purchase our music are the ones who keep this band going. They allow us to make more albums and get on the road to play shows.

Last question, thanks for taking time to answer this for us. What do you think makes Adestria unique and worth listening too? What makes you guys stand out?

Chris :We are 5 friends who just really love playing music together. We don’t have stage outfits and production and all that, we keep it simple. Just 5 guys having fun doing what they love. I think that simplicity really resonates with people.

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The Amity Affliction Set To Release New Song “Pittsburgh” Soon.









So we all know The Amity Affliction is gearing up to release their new album which is currently unkown title wise right now, but it seems the band is going to be releasing a new single in the next few days/week, and well we have the artwork so i thought i’d share it with you.

Check the artwork below:









Our question to you is:

What do you think the band has under their sleeves?

Follow their website by clicking this

Check out their teaser for their new MUSIC VIDEO:


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Jesse Villegas – LIMITS








I recently had the time to chat with Jesse Villegas of the band LIMITS

Please read what we talked about below.

Starting with some basic background on LIMITS. How did you all meet? How did the band come to be?

Jesse: L.R and I met while in high school. We had jammed together a couple of times annd during his senior year and my junior year we became good friends. After he left his current band I suggested we start our own project, and LIMITS was born shortly after. We paired with vocalist Sam Harper for a couple of months, who knew Max and got him to try out. We loved Max and he jumped on board. When Sam left, we held vocal auditions and found Nick, and we’re so thankful we did. He’s an amazing vocalist. We have a solid relationship and have established great friendships.

Getting right into thing: You recently signed to At Your Command records & released a new song with a reissue coming out. Are there any other plans you guys have that I didn’t touch up on?

Jesse: We’re writing for our new EP and things are looking awesome. We even have acoustic material in the works. We’re super excited for it and can’t wait to showcase it.

So-far what has it been like with At Your Command Records? Are they treating you well?

Jesse: At Your Command Records has been awesome. We have gotten a ton of buzz since signing with them. We couldn’t be more thankful. It’s been quite a treat!

The new single. What was the feedback like on it? Good? Bad?

Jesse: We’ve only gotten positive feedback from the single, so far everyone loves it. They go nuclear! *laughs*

So about the re-issue.. Is it basically the same release with no changes or will fans see some changes?

Jesse: The reissue is the same stuff everyone knows.

It looks like you guys are having a good 2014 so far. What do you could make it better for you?

Jesse: There is nothing we want more than to see every corner of the world. Every new town we play in gets us that much more closer.

What would be the dream tour for LIMITS?

Jesse: Nickleback

What do you wish to carry out with LIMITS?

Jesse: To inspire kids that wants a career in music to take that next step to make. We were those kids that looked up to our favorite bands; I know they helped me take that step. Also, to meet so many awesome people, to live life music can create an experience we won’t forget.

What is your take on album piracy? Can it be harmful? Can it be helpful? I’m curious about what you have to say about it.

Jesse: This is a stance that I’ve recently taken, I personal feel like piracy has ruined music. Bands from millions of fans to hundreds work hard to write and fund their music. I love how fast music can spread via the power of the internet but I feel it has effected how people view bands. Their music is their job and that’s how they feed themselves and their family. We’re not entitled to their work the same way we’re not entitled to take merchandise from the mom and pops business around the corner. Whenever I find a band I like I definitely buy their songs because in the end I know it helps them keep doing what they love and what I love to hear and ultimately keeps them going as a band.

Last question, What would be the reason why kids should check out LIMITS instead of someone else? Also. Thank you for your time to answer these questions for us

Jesse: Beause Jesse is sexy as fuck, Corrion is black
LIMITS provides a style of music any metal fan can dig. With influences from deathcore aaaaallll the way to pop punk, and lyrics that come from the heart. There’s something for everybody.

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