The All Stars Tour 2014 Rumored Bands

So thanks to lambgoat we now have some rumors for the All Stars Tour.

Check out the rumored bands below:

Which band do you hope to see?

I See Stars
The Acacia Strain
Like Moths To Flames
Betraying The Martyrs
New Years Day
Upon This Dawning
Sworn In
Kublai Khan

I’ll keep this updated as i get/see information posted.


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Volumes Release Teaser For “No Sleep”










Volumes release teaser for “No Sleep”

Listen below:

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John Sankey – Devil You Know









So i had the time to talk to John Sankey from Devil You Know

Read what we talked about below:

So, starting off simple how did Devil You Know start? How did you all meet one another?

John: I have known Francesco for a number of years from playing around the Los Angeles music scene. He and I started writing music together a few years ago just for fun because we wanted to do something different from our other respective bands. After we had written about a dozen songs we felt the material was really cool so we decided to look for a singer and I sent the demos onto Howard. He liked what he heard and flew out to LA where the 3 of us began working and writing more tracks, it came together very quickly and naturally.

Devil You Know is slowly making a big name for yourselves. You’ll be on tour with Black Label soiecty and you’re on the edge of releasing an album called “The Beauty of Destruction” anything else planned for 2014?

John: UK and Europe in late June/ early July. We are playing some club shows and festivals including Sonisphere, Graspop and Tuska which will be awesome. No doubt there will be more touring after that but I’m not sure exactly when or where just yet.

Speaking of “The Beauty of Destruction” what can you tell us about it?

John: It’s myself, Francesco and Howard writing what we want and having total artistic freedom without any boundaries. It’s heavy, dark, melodic and very diverse.

What was the writing / recording process like for the album?

John: It was a very smooth and natural process. Francesco and I wrote all the music and Howard did his thing with the lyrics and vocals. We didn’t overthink any of the material, we wanted the songs to be organic and spontaneous. Once Logan Mader (Producer) began working with us the album took shape very quickly and was recorded within a few months.

You’ve had some time with the album I’m sure. If you had to pick some favorites songs which songs would they be and why? And which songs would be fan favorites in your opinion?

John: I love the whole album but the heavier songs like A New Beginning, Embracing The Torture and A Mind Insane would probably be my favorites. I really dig the atmosphere and vibe of As Bright As The Darkness as well. I think A New Beginning will be a big fan favorite because it is very anthemic and energetic, Seven Yeas Alone also since it s the first single and video released.

Off the album for a bit. Into some personal questions, what would be your dream tour to play on?

John: We just did the Soundwave Festival tour in Australia and we are about to hit the road in the USA with Black Label Society and Down, it’s hard to top those! I’d say a tour with AC/DC or Iron Maiden would be the ultimate.

Who are some bands that you listen to in the scene?

John: I haven’t been listening to much new music, the last few current bands I’ve really got into would be Volbeat, Alter Bridge and Gojira. King Parrot from Australia are awesome too!

What are five albums you find yourself listening too a lot?

- Alice in Chains : Dirt.

- Faith No More : Angel Dust.

- Metallica : And Justice For All.

- Paradise Lost : Draconian Times.

- Eddie Vedder : Into The Wild Soundtrack.

A rather controversial question. What is your take on album piracy? What side do you take?

John: It’s a negative thing from the point of view that your work is being taken for free, but on the other hand it allows your music to be heard by a lot more people and it can be easily promoted. No matter which side you take I don’t see a solution to this issue any time soon, it’s a product of the modern technological age. It is what it is.

Last question, what do you think makes Devil You Know stand out? What makes you guys worth listening too?

John: Our music is honest, powerful and emotional. I think there’s a lot of elements both musically and lyrically that people will relate to and connect with, and for me that’s what makes an album stand the test of time.

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Jeffrey Wellfare – Capture The Crown









So, starting off how did Capture The Crown start? How did you all meet one another?

Jeff: It started when we decided we wanted to create music that we all enjoyed. We knew each other through mutual friends.
Getting into things, Capture The Crown has recently dropped off Sumerian and went to Artery Recordings and is in the studio right now recording your new album, how did the signing to artery come to be? And how’s the album coming along?

Jeff: We shopped some labels and artery seemed like the most legit. Good people, good ethics and an overall sincerity to push this band in the right direction after being tainted for so long by others.

The album is close to done.

What’s the writing / recording process like for this album? Is it any different than ” ‘Till Death” or “Live Life”?

Jeff: We write the song, then we record it.

It’s different to anything we’ve ever done.

I’m sure you guys have some songs recorded and whatnot, what two songs on this album do you think will be your personal favorite, and which one will be a fan favorite?

Jeff: I like all of them, their all good songs.
I think every song is relatable to some extent, so a fan favourite is like a lucky dip right now.

Let’s get off the album for a bit. You guys get a lot of unneeded hate, does this effect anything for Capture The Crown? Have you guys ever thought of giving up or anything like that?

Jeff: We don’t get hate, and I’m not one to give up on what I love.

How do you guys like it in the United States? What’s your favorite thing about it and what’s something you dislike about the United States?

Jeff: It’s no place like home but I do like being over here. My favourite things are touring, exploring, being outdoors, the animals, the culture and gimmicks that each state has to offer, so I guess I enjoy being a tourist.

Things I don’t like, the fact that I have no where to stay while I’m not touring, the food sucks, the cold weather.

You guys have been on a lot of tours, or a good amount at-least, are their any you want to hop on? Any bands you want to tour with before you die?

Jeff: Yeah it would be nice to do warped tour before I die. Some bands I would love to tour with would have to be slipknot, linkin park, 30 seconds to mars.
What are some bands that you find yourself listening too a lot?

Jeff: Refer to last question.
What is your take on album piracy? Which side do you reside on?

Jeff: I don’t care.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us, but sadly we have to end with this. What do you think makes Capture The Crown stand out? What makes you fellas worth the listen?

Jeff: We’re real and to the point

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Ben Nairne – In Hearts Wake







I recently had sometime to talk to Ben Nairne of In Hearts Wake about a few things.

Read what we talked about below:

Starting off basic, how did In Hearts Wake Start? How did you all meet?

Ben: We knew each other from school and had grown up together in the same area. A few of us would get together and play music for fun when we were 14 and we have been playing together since then. Kyle was introduced to the band around 3 years ago and we’ve been a happy family ever since.

So In Hearts Wake is hearing up to release a new album “Earthwalker” what can you say about the album?

Ben: Earthwalker is a huge step up from anything else we’ve ever done. I feel as though it has a lot of character and a certain epic feeling to it, all while staying true to our roots in this genre of music. I think the old fans are going to like that we have mostly kept to our ways and hopefully we can win over some new fans too.

What was the writing recording process like for the album?

Ben: When it came to writing we didn’t really give ourselves any boundaries which meant we could just write what we were feeling at the time. I feel this brought a lot of diversity into the album and keeps it interesting as a whole. We all worked so hard in the studio, pushing ourselves with playing our instruments and trying to bring diverse ideas to the table. Everyone in the band is really proud of what we’ve accomplished and we can’t to release the album.
Are their any features on the album? If so how did they come to be?

Ben: Yes. We have Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction featured on the title track, “Earthwalker”. We have known those dudes for a long time and have toured with them a few times so it was great to have him do a part on the record.

So, you’ve had some time with the album, mind telling us some of your favorite tracks and why they’re your favorite? And which song do you feel your fans will like?

Ben: I really like the track “Sacred”. I feel it’s one of the more metal sounding songs we have, it’s super groovy and really fun to play. “Wildflower” is another favourite of mine. That track is really mellow and I listen to a lot of chilled music so it’s nice to have something like that on the record. I think fans will like “Earthwalker” because it’s heavy but still has singing choruses in it, much like a lot of the stuff from “Divination”.

So off the topic of the album, do you fellas have any other plans for 2014? Touring? Music video? Anything big?

Ben: The “Earthwalker Tour” has just been announced which will cover some regional dates and also the usual cities in Australia. We have some great bands supporting including UK’s “Being As An Ocean” and our good friends in “Dream On Dreamer” so that’s going to be great. The debut single “Divine” was released a few weeks ago with a brand new music video which you can check out online.
We also have a few things in the works which will hopefully get us touring internationally later in the year!

Who are some of your favorite bands right now? What bands would you like to tour with?

Ben: I’ve been listening to the new Architects album and I know a lot of the other guys in the band have been too. We all think it’s great and would love to tour with them.

What does being in In Hearts Wake mean to you?

Ben: It means I get to do something that I’ve enjoyed my entire life, playing music. Not only do I get to experience with 4 of my best friends but we also get to see the world because of it. If you have a dream, do everything you can to make it come true.

What is your opinion on album piracy? What side do you take on it?

Ben: That’s a tough question. I’ve downloaded many albums in my time that I haven’t paid for but more recently I have been paying for music. I guess being in a band makes me really appreciate it when people buy our music so me doing the same is only fair.

Last question, thank you for answering these questions for us. What do you think makes In Hearts Wake stand out? What makes you the band worth the listen?

Ben: Everything we do is real, we believe in the message that we’re spreading and love what we do. I think people can see that and this is why they are attracted to our music
and what makes us stand out. If you come to a show we will play our hearts out and love every minute of it!

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Sylar Streams New Album “To Whom It May Concern”










Sylar stream new album “To Whom It May Concern”

Listen to the album entirely below:

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Nightmares Stream New Song “Cujo”








Nightmares stream new song “Cujo”

Listen to the song below:


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Phil Lepistö Does Track-By-Track For Dreaming Awake’s New EP “Circumstances”









“Circumstances” artwork:










Oathkeeper- Oathkeeper was written out of our Screamer Vaughn and Bassist/Singer Blake’s love of Kingdom Hearts. They’re both die hard fans of the franchise and lyrically wrote a love song about Kingdom Hearts and the struggle against the heartless!

The Road- This song was written about Blake moving all over the country when he was younger and then finally landing here in the desert of Arizona. “All my life I’ve been led by your hand, the road has taken me, to the desert sand”. It’s a really high energy track with a lot of bouncy guitar work and is probably the most fun for us to play because of that!

Game Over- This is the Circumstances’ messy break up song. It’s essentially a big FUCK YOU to that shitty relationship you were lucky enough to escape. I’d say in general, this is the most Metal song off of Circumstances because we took a more progressive approach to writing the guitar, bass, drums and vocal patterns but especially the guitars!

Firestarter- This song is about Vaughn’s dad. If you take a look at the lyrics, they’ll speak for themselves because there was a ton of emotion poured into them! These were the lyrics he had been feeling for his whole life and a way of burying the hatchet with his anger towards the situation. Firestarter is also unique because of it’s dance beat’s. Guitar and bass wise, it’s not a very complicated song but our producer really let the EDM aspect of our music get crazy on this track. It’s that song where you can just cut loose and rage!

Bulletproof Vibe- Bulletproof Vibe was the first song we wrote for Circumstances. It’s a song about not letting negativity and negative people kill your vibe and then being a bigger person about it. We also had our friend, Mike Luciano of The Paramedic do guest vocals in the second chorus and he definitely killed it! It was an awesome opportunity for us to be able to work with him!

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Of Reverie Talks About New Single “Parallels”








“Parallels” artwork:









This song was a rare case where the song was actually titled before writing lyrics. Scott generally gives nicknames to songs while writing which are just place holders until lyrics are written. For this track, however, we decided to stick with it’s codename, obviously being Parallels, because we liked the idea of it being a more “sci-fi” themed song, if you will. We tried to incorporate metaphors relating to someone who’s been taken from the life they know and trapped in another universe and forced into a world they know nothing about. From there we basically leave it up to interpretation. The lyrics to Parallels can relate to just about any major upheaval in life. Starting with a clean slate and beginning a new chapter in life is something a lot of people struggle with, whether it be a positive or a negative change, it’s tough to get through leaving everything you know behind. At the end of the day you have to stand up to it and do what makes you happy.

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The Amity Affliction Premiere New Music Video “Pittsburgh”









The Amity Affliction premiere new music video “Pittsburgh”

Watch the killer video below:

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