Oceans Red – Hold Your Breath

OceansRed_album_artTrack List:
1. Supreme Being (Intro)
2. The Secret Window
3. Like You
4. Riot
5. Blood
6. Remember To Forget
7. Cocaine Sunset (Outro)




Genre: Electronica
For Fans Of: Make Me Famous, I See Stars, Monsters Scare You

Oceans Red is basically the new band from the members of Make Me Famous, besides the clean vocalist Denis who has his own band Down & Dirty. Make Me Famous broke up because of some issues that the band was having, and I’d rather not get into that for several different reasons; the product of Make Me Famous breaking up was two bands that are both equally good. Anyways, Oceans Red has a sound that I don’t think anyone was really expecting at first, and once they released their first single everyone was pretty much blown away at the fact they added a twist to the Electronica genre. Which really impressed me. The first single “BLOOD” was basically Ocean Red’s debut into the scene, and even though they might have gotten some hate from people here and there, I found their music highly enjoyable. I was thinking that if one single could get me to like them, I wondered what the next single could hold. I was very surprised with “The Secret Window” when it first came out. It basically sounded like Oceans Red had a sound picked out already, and only wanted to improve that sound in any way that they could. They seriously did with this EP.

“Supreme Being”
This is basically an instrumental intro to the EP. It’s short, and gives you a feeling of the instrument play that you’ll be hearing on every song on this EP, for better or for worse. It’s not an actual song it’s more of an intro to get you excited to hear the first song on the release. I’m not going to waste any time on getting into this release, because I’ve heard it twice before writing this album review.


Instruments: The instrument play was very nice for the parts that you hear it in. This is only an instrumental, so I’m not going to say much about the song.

“The Secret Window”
Is the second single for this EP, and probably the song that helped me make the choice whether I was going to like this sound, and Oceans Red  enough to be on my top ten bands that should be heard by everyone that likes Metal, or Hardcore, and of course Electronic. I feel like a lot of people disliked “The Secret Window” when it first came out because they either haven’t heard “Blood”, or they just weren’t digging it.


Cleans: The clean vocals have a unique type of sound attached to them, which is something that I enjoyed. But in a way I feel like he could have gone a little bit higher with his range, and if he did then it would have gone better with the screamer.

Screams: The screamer uses one of the most aggressive screaming styles that I’m familiar with in the Electronic genre. Which is something that I highly enjoyed, and I definitely give his vocal cords props for being able to do that style. That is a strength that Oceans Red has, and many other bands won’t.

Instruments: The instrument play was very aggressive if you couldn’t tell when the song starts. Which is something that I’ll say Oceans Red has going on for them. Their music sounds very aggressive, and this in my opinion does them some serious good when it comes to writing Hardcore music. The Electronic parts only add on to that!

“Like You”
If we talk about heavy songs from Oceans Red, my first thought would be this song. I’ll have to be completely honest… the intro makes it sound like it’ll be soft, but it really heats up, and gets pretty aggressive. Which is something that I found highly enjoyable for this song. It’s definitely the middle song, so it would either turn people away, or make them keep on listening to the EP. I would hope that  they would keep listening to the album because of how good the EP came out. This EP definitely gives Oceans Red some very needed exposure, and shows off their sound fairly well. I honestly can’t wait until they do a full length. My only thing is that  I hope they don’t change anything.


Cleans: You hear a lot from the clean vocalist on this song, which might be the biggest plus of it in my books because the vocalist’s style was definitely something to be heard, and definitely is something unique for the genre.

Screams: The screamer sounds very pissed on this song, which was definitely something that made the song better to me. Plus the effects on his vocals were only a bigger plus, in my opinion. I feel like Oceans Red will make a good impression on people when this EP comes out.

Instruments: The instrument play is aggressive like they are on every song that the band has written on this EP. Which is the biggest unique thing that I could name. Most bands in the Electronic genre are slow, and happy, but Oceans Red does something different, and makes pissed off music.

The intro to this song kind of grasps the Electric part of Oceans Red better than anything on this EP. I say that because the intro is basically added effects. Which is something that is on every Oceans Red song, mixed with their instrument play so they get the best of out of their sound. It has a spice of originality, which is something fairly nice for them to add. It definitely made me like the song more than I probably would without it added.


Cleans: The clean vocals were decently good, and somewhat made a difference for the song.  It’s pretty easy to pick out the clean vocals on this song.

Screams: The screams on this song were the most powerful I think. The power behind them was just crazy, and I could really tell the that screamer let everything he could, out on this song. Which might have been something that made the song more enjoyable.

Instruments: The instrument play is very aggressive,  which might be something that is the best part of the song. The flow of everything is very good, but I feel like the instrument play could have been a lot better than it was on the song.

This is the first single for this EP, and probably one of my favorite songs from Oceans Red. This song has a groove to it that cannot be stolen, and copied. It’s a groove that just makes you want to get up and mosh. For the Electronic parts being in the song like they do, a lot of bands ruin the sound, or make it sound different than what they planned or make it… so you can’t mosh to it. The parts didn’t ruin, or break this song. Which is definitely a plus in my books for the song. I enjoyed the song as a single,  and I enjoy it now.


Cleans: The small clean vocals on this song didn’t really make a huge difference, but it made a difference with the song. I’m pretty happy that the clean vocalist was able to keep with the flow of the instruments, and the screamer.

Screams: The first time that I gave this song a listen,  I commented on the screams, and how aggressive they sounded at first. That was something I could seriously get into without any hesitation whatsoever. I really think that the screamer has some serious talent.

Instruments: The instrument play was rather aggressive too, which was a plus to me. The flow of the song definitely did something for the album, and definitely made it one song that I could enjoy from Oceans Red. It being the debut from Oceans Red, might have made it even better.

“Remember To Forget”
At first I thought that this song was going to be the softest song on the EP, and I was somewhat right and somewhat wrong because the song starts off soft, and than the screamer comes in and makes the song get a bit heavier. That is something that was enjoyable. This song definitely captures the most out of Oceans Red’s sound as a band, and really shows off how they’re different than most Electronic bands that come out today. Which is the first thing that I really noticed about this song.


Cleans: The small cleans that you hear in this song are either going to make you feel what the band was feeling when they wrote this song, or totally turn you away from the song. For me it made me feel what they were feeling, which was a lot of emotion, and was rather nice to hear. It definitely ended off the album on a good note. Plus the girl’s vocals near the end of the song were totally unexpected, but decently good! Her vocals were definitely something that made the EP more enjoyable.

Screams: The screams are aggressive, just like they were on every song on this EP. I feel like this song has the most aggressive screams on the album, which will either make this EP better to end off the EP on a good note, or totally ruin it for someone.

Instruments: The instrument play was done very well, and fit the emotions that the band was trying to give off. Which only made me like the song a bit more than I already did. I definitely give the guys props for making a song that has all the song elements connect to the meaning of the song.

Rating: 10/10
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