Miley Cyrus – Bangerz

MCzTrack List:
1. Adore You
2. We Can’t Stop
3. SMS (BANGERZ) (ft. Britney Spears)
4. 4X4 (ft. Nelly)
5. My Darlin’ (ft. Future/Freebandz)
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Love Money Party (ft. Big Sean)
9. Drive
10. FU (ft. French Montana)
11. Do My Thang
12. Maybe You’re Right
13. Someone Else
14. Rooting For My Baby
15. On My Own
16. Hands In The Air (ft. Ludacris)

Genre: Pop
For Fans Of: Britney Spears, Ludacris, Katy Perry

When it comes to Miley Cyrus, we all know she was once the beloved Hannah Montana, a Disney pop star, a teenage female heartthrob to some, and an idol to a lot of girls under the age of eighteen. Having all this attention already, what could have ever driven her to finally break the good girl habits and become this rebel? This bad girl, Miley? This Miley, who hangs out with rappers? Especially Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J? And we can’t forget this part, Miley gets high off purps… Billy Ray is seriously crying, and probably saying to Miley every time she comes home “Miley why are you breaking my achy breaky heart?!” (a famous song of his when he was still making albums on the daily). I’m not going to sit here and bash Miley… because she does everything herself, and she’d be the reason young teenage girls act different. Becoming different, and finally finding yourself isn’t bad or anything, but when you have a group following someone like Miley Cyrus, I’d be very careful what I say or do because there will be people following, and acting exactly like that. Miley doesn’t deserve the hate that she’s been given, for a few reasons. The main reason being is because she’s still in her teenage years so this was bound to happen, and she’s just trying to be a rebel! A few songs that stand out on this album would have to be, “Adore You”, “We Can’t Stop”, “SMS (Bangers) (ft. Britney Spears)”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Do My Thang”, “On My Own”, and “Hands In The Air (ft. Ludacris)”. “Adore You”, I’m not going to lie, when it comes to a love song, Miley definitely takes the time and writes some good love songs. “Adore You” was definitely a good start to the album, and if you haven’t heard the singles you’d probably think this would be the old her just with some different elements in her music. So you have no clue for the shock you’re about to be in… “We Can’t Stop”, “It’s our party we can do what we want”. Yes Miley, Yes Miley, you can do whatever you want… before the cops come of course. There was a lot of controversy about this song; what did it mean? Was it really about the infamous drug “Molly”, that Tyga sort of recognized in his song “Molly” where he couldn’t find any? “We Can’t Stop”, was the first single for “BANGERZ” and this was the first song that the media and the fans were introduced to Miley’s new look, behavior and well the thing that is Miley Cyrus now. “SMS (Bangers) (ft. Britney Spears)”, Honestly, I only wanted to include this song because of Britney Spears… You can’t deny that Britney Spears was a queen in her old days before she went wackpc and did all kinds of crazy stuff. If you asked me if I’d ever see Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears do a song in the future, my answer would be “Are you crazy?” and that’s what I’m still thinking. Surprisingly, this song managed to be decent, and well… it was definitely a banger. Which was impressive, I guess… “Wrecking Ball”, So who hasn’t seen the music video to this song?! I think everyone could say they’ve sadly seen this video… I mean it got like six million views in twenty four hours. That might be impressive, but  most of the people that were sharing the video were disgusted by the video, or just wanted to voice their ignorance by saying Miley Cyrus is untalented. To be completely honest, the naked part and sitting on a wrecking ball was rather stupid choice, and it was weird to do in order to try and give off the meaning that the song was meant to give off. The meaning of the song was well written, and clever… but the way that the music video shows it, is terrible. It could have been better thought of. “Do My Thang”, this song title made me think that Miley would turn into the average rapper girlfriend. Did she? Well yes… I mean she’s in a song with MikeWillMade It, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa (The song is 23, be prepare to see some twerking from Miley Cyrus). My question is, why did Miley Cyrus want to change her look? Why did she want to become this way, instead of sitting on Millions as a Disney pop star? “Do My Thang” is basically an average girl rapper song, mixed with some of Miley’s old talents (Which were really needed for this song to sound good). “On My Own”, Miley, you’re on your own because of the way you’ve been acting. And lately you’ve just been breaking our Achy hearts! How could you do this to us? When it comes to an ending, “On My Own” sort of makes the ending of the album seem like it can’t come soon enough. “Hands In The Air (ft. Ludacris)”, If you didn’t think that Miley could get any weirder with features, you’re mistaking my friend. Ludacris features on this song for whatever reason that might be… You can’t blame the man, he still wants people to know his name. So why not get on an album with the trendiest artist right now? I won’t lie “Bangerz” is a good album, if you want to give an album less than five plays. This album might be one of those albums where you have to let it grow on you.


Cleans: Miley’s vocals might not be the most impressive thing about this album. Her lyrical talents have gotten worse over the years, to be honest. But the vocals on the other hand, have improved slightly. I guess Billy Ray has done something right… but he should probably stick to writing Miley’s songs for her.

Beats: I’m going on a note and saying all the background noise are beats, which isn’t bad… but rather different. I mean we’re all used to hear some sort of guitar from Hannah…M… I mean Miley Cyrus. The beats are great, and they are definitely done professionally. I just can’t say that the lyrics were. Honestly, if Miley chose her lyrics better, the album would have been a straight ten out of ten, but instead she’s trying to be something that she’s not. She wrote an album that’s catchy, and but it’s not worth more than five plays..

Rating: 5/10
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