Crossfaith – Apocalyze

Track list:
1. Prelude
2. We Are The Future
3. Hounds Of The Apocalypse
4. Eclipse
5. The Evolution
6. Scarlett
7. Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor)
8. Countdown To Hell
9. Deathwish
10. Counting Stars
11. Burning White
12. Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes
13. Against The Wave

Genre: Elecontrica
For Fans Of: HER NAME IN BLOOD, Fear From The Hate, Ashley Scared The Sky

I’ve always really wondered how bands overseas felt about being in America, or touring the states for the first time, or even being on a tour as big as Vans Warped Tour. Crossfaith was a small Japanese band who probably never thought of being in the states, or even being on Vans Warped Tour… but that changed for them soon. Now the band is currently on Vans Warped tour, and it looks like they’re having the time of their life. I’ve never heard of these guys until I saw a bit of their set online at Warped, I wanted to see them at my date, but Attila was playing at the same time (Attila is my girlfriends favorite band, so you could have guessed how that went). But I did manage to watch their set on YouTube, and I was pleased. I was even more pleased to get to listen to their new album. I honestly feel like if these guys were originally from America, they would have blown up long ago, but that’s not the case. Yes they’re blowing up now, and once this album releases officially… they’re going to blow up like crazy. I stand by that, because off all of the hard work that they put into this album. The work you can hear, is definitely mind-blowing. The different mixtures of genres is sort of impressive as well, and I have to be honest, I love it when metal bands mix electric sounds, and all kinds of different elements to their music. It makes it stand out a bit more, in my opinion. A few songs that stand out on this album would have to be, “Prelude”, ”We Are The Future”, “Hounds Of The Apocalypse”, “Scarlett”,” Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor)”, “Deathwish”, “Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes”, and “Outbreak”. “Prelude”, as you can probably guess already, is the intro to the album. This song actually leads into “We Are The Future”, so I won’t waste any time getting to that song. “We Are The Future”, is the first actual song on the album, and I think this song was the first single off it, which I did hear from a friend. The conversation went something like this, “HEY MAN! CHECK OUT THIS RAD NEW BANDS SINGLE, AND LOOK THEM UP!!!” (Not really, I just wanted to make it seem like something like that happened to me). “Hounds Of The Apocalypse”, is probably one of my favorite songs on the whole album. It shows the full power of Crossfaith, and it’s also one of their better songs that were written. I feel like the band wanted this song to be the most powerful because of the name, and it kind of fits with the album title. This song has best flow with everything on the album, which is why it’s my favorite song on this album. This song has some pretty heavy drumming as well, which makes it a bit different than the other songs. “Scarlett”, this song’s intro shows off their synth abilities a bit, which is pretty nice. It does actually show you some of the genres that were mixed into Crossfaith’s sound, which is another nice thing that they did for you (These guys better blow up, they deserve it). “Scarlett”, isn’t as powerful as the other songs on the album, but it’s very different from the other songs because of the girl vocals that you’ll hear in the song. I mean, I’m not against surprises, but that was a bit of a surprise to me. The vocalist, and Crossfaith, and the unknown female vocalist voices both managed to fit together, and become something great. I feel like the female’s vocals were really needed in order to make this song fit on the album, and it helped it become one of the better songs on the album. “Gala Hala (Burn It Down The Floor)”, is another song that shows you the mixture of genres. This song also shows off some pretty rad DJ skills. The lyrics to this song, help make me feel like this would be a song that could be played live. I mean he says “Show me the spotlight.”  Just picture it being live, and then a spotlight come onto him? (Future ideas.) The name of the song is kind of funny to me… but it might be because I don’t know what “Gala Hala” means. I might have to look it up after this review. I honestly do think that this band should be given a chance to show off their talents. I’ve gave this whole album about five plays, and I do have to say that it’s highly enjoyable. “Deathwish”, honestly when I saw this song title, I was picturing it to be the heaviest song on the album. Now, it isn’t the heaviest, but it’s one of the harder songs on the album. It’s one of the more powerful songs, as I see it… because of the lyrics. The lyrics are written pretty good considering the band is Japanese, and they probably don’t know too much of the English language (By a guess, I might be wrong). This song is definitely an ender, and it gives the album a push to ending off on a good note. “Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes”, now this song would be the end song. But lucky for me, I got a bonus song to do last! (This means you should probably BUY this album for the bonus songs!) Anyways,  “Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes” is pretty heavy, and ends this album off on a good note. To be honest, I will be buying this album when I can because it’s a good album from start, to finish. “Outbreak”, as I said, is a bonus track… and yes, to get this song you do have to buy the album. This song is one of my favorites from the band, actually. This song is pretty heavy (for them), and has some of the best screams on the album. This song has a nice flow to it as well, which makes it even better. Buying the album will be totally worth it!

Cleans: The clean vocals are spread throughout the album. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from a Japanese band, clean vocal wise, and to surprise the clean vocalist seems to have some good pronunciation of some words, and says them perfectly. Now, sometimes it gets a little dirty and from what I can hear, he sorts of messes up how a word is pronounced (Don’t worry it’s not that noticeable.) But overall, I’m very impressed with the clean vocals, and I do think that the clean vocalist is talented. He has some of the best clean vocals that I’ve heard in a long time when it comes to overseas bands. I’m really quite impressed with this band!
Screams: The screams are my favorite thing on this album! Now, every screamer has a different style, but when it comes to the over sea screamers, they seem to have a whole different set up with their range, voice, vocal style, and almost everything is completely different. It’s very interesting to the say the least. I honestly had no idea what to expect from Crossfaith’s screamer, or to even expect one at all. But I’m glad that they did have one, and one that’s really good at doing his screams. Their clean vocalist does both screams, and clean vocals, which is another added impressed point. I know it’s hard to do that for some people, but this guy seems to do it perfectly, and from what I’ve seen live he can do it as good as he can in the studio! Crossfaith needs to blow up with their fan base, they really need to, and I want to see it happen very soon.

Instruments: The instrument play on this album is very nice. There are some talented people in this band, plus the synth player is great. I loved the synth parts on this album more than anything, because you’ll never really know what it’ll sound like until it basically hits your ears. Nor do you know how it will sound until it hits you, and you won’t even know when. Every now and again you’ll get to a point where you’ll either hear some amazing synth, or some bad synth because of how random it’s placed. The guitars are another thing that are highly enjoyable. The riffs are great, and some of them have effects to them. The drumming, yes the drumming, is swell as well, some heavy drumming near the start, and top the album off with some more heavy drumming.

Rating: 8/10
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